Executive and Pleasure

Time is Money

You save an average of over three hours per every flight leg by not having to deal with busy terminals, rigid airline schedules, slow check-in process, waiting for connecting flights, endless customs/immigration lines, etc. These savings alone often pay for your entire trip in increased productivity and efficient use of your time. Even the flight time can be used effectively as you enjoy complete privacy and arrive rested, relaxed, and ready for your next meeting.

Complete Flexibility and Convenience

Chartering a private aircraft allows you direct access to over ten times more airports as compared to scheduled airlines. A multi-destination customized travel itinerary becomes a routine operation. Your Majestic Jet aircraft and crew become your personal flight department ready to accommodate every request or change in itinerary.

Safety and Privacy

You choose all the passengers onboard the aircraft. Your transportation arrives directly to the aircraft. Your luggage cannot get lost. You depart from a private terminal away from crowds in complete privacy and security.

Comfort and Luxury

Enjoy five-star catering of your choosing on every flight. Take advantage of the complimentary full bar, delicious snacks, satellite phone, DVD/CD entertainment system, or just lay down and sleep comfortably on a full-size bed.

Allow Majestic Jet to demonstrate what customer service can be.